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For a successful company, it is not enough to appear on the Internet and to digitalize its marketing strategy. To exceed customer expectations, a company needs to understand how each area of its business should respond to the changes in public behavior. To benefit from interactive communities, a company should know how to create its brand values and convey them via digital media.

Many graphics designing companies are fluent in the language of beauty but not in that of the web – in creating creative visual design online that excites and engages your visitors, drives traffic and click-through, helps achieve your business goals, and reinforces your company's branding and identity.

Compelling website graphic design stands out from the competition by being both functional and visually appealing. Consistent and effective online branding ensures that customers will remember you and will intuitively understand your brand’s value proposition. To achieve both online, you need:

Graphic design that is visually pleasing as well as functional, usable, and “lightweight” (fast –loading) Exceptional, unique, and memorable graphics and advertising campaigns that imprint your company's essence on your visitor’s mind Meaningful visuals and text that clearly convey your message A seamless and engaging Brand experience, which is achieved through universal navigation and consistent application of unique online branding, including your logo, signature graphics, fonts, colors and iconography Brand Consistency that unifies your website look and feel, iconography and messaging with your “offline” marketing materials and style guides Creativity!

Our Graphic Design Consultancy services can assist you express your or your company's real Vision, Values and Directions in the most distinguished manner. Our well-equipped Design Studio provides a host of cost-effective Graphic Design consultant services, including Graphic Design Logo Services, Business Cards, Brochures & Catalogues, etc. to our clients across the World using tools such as Adobe Photoshop, GIF Animator, Corel Draw, etc. As Graphic Design Consultants, We make it a point to understand your requirements & objectives, establish your color & design preferences, and finally create the best designs & themes to help you project the image as you desire.

Logo Design

The face of your branding; a logo, along with your brand name, is your company’s identity. This identity can be carried across all of your other branding and promotional material from business cards, leaflets, stands, posters and more; all of which we can design for you. Whether it be revitalising an existing logo or a brand new one being created, from simple text-based to highly illustrative or graphic focused; at S Global Infotech we pride ourselves in the premium quality design solutions we create. Have something already in-mind? Be it a sketch or a similar design we can create it for you in a stunning, high quality vector-based format. However if you’re not too sure what kind of logo you’re looking for we can design a diverse selection of different logos in a variety of styles, themes and colour schemes that represent you as a company, that are relevant to your business and portray you in a professional manner. We can design you a logo that you are proud to call your own.

Business Card Design

At S Global Infotech a business card is not just a business card, it is a lasting impression. A potential customer shouldn’t just be taking away a piece of card from a meeting, but the confidence that the business is both professional and reliable. Use of graphics, design and layout are vital elements in ensuring your brand is remembered by a potential customer. Our team of designers are able to create bespoke and unique business cards which represent your business in the best possible, most relevant manner.

Leaflets and Brochure Design

Leaflets and Brochures are a great way to delve into more detail about your products and services; making sure potential customers remember you by giving them something physical to take away. Our designers will create a bespoke style unique to your brand (or work off any existing branding) that helps to collectively raise awareness and strengthen your marketing campaign. Modern, informative, artistic, professional, we can design it.


First and foremost, the S Global Infotech team consists of passionate, dedicated artists. With a variety of creative backgrounds, our team possess great professional artistic talent, which is applied across all of the services we offer.  By commissioning us to illustrate something entirely unique you are ensuring your brand stands out and grabs attention. From book and magazine illustrations, CD and DVD covers, designs for posters, t-shirts and more; we have the creative minds and talent to illustrate anything a client desires; limited only by the imagination.

Exhibition Stand Design

Stand out from your competitors at trade shows with a stand design which showcases all that your organisation has to offer in a visually appealing way. In order to ensure that you are prepared on the day we are also able to produce 3D renders; helping you to visualise the positioning of your stands and the overall aesthetic of the booth. These designs can then be used to aid the set-up process and to ensure the final stand is as you first envisioned it.

Posters Design

S Global Infotech can help your brand to grab potential customers attention (and keep it) with informative and eye catching posters or banners, bespoke to you, that can even be used alongside your Exhibition Stand designs. Carrying across any previously used branding styles and reflecting the company’s identity, the posters could feature a focus on text, graphics, info-graphics, photos, illustration or any other content provided by the client.

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Our working ideology is the dedication to provide top quality solutions by utilizing information technology as a strategic business tool, both domestically and internationally. We provide companies and individuals our high quality products and s services and handle their business with great care to take it to a height of excellence.
We develop and provide hi-tech, cost effective solutions to their doorsteps in the shape of competitively priced and best quality services.
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